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"A visual and technical gem" for the iPhone.

Bern, Switzerland - March 24, 2009 - With Whack-A-Groox, a visual and technical gem hits the AppStore now. The producer agency "nothing" gives further proof that small and independent enterprises can deliver top-notch games for big platforms.

Out of the snowy solitude Switzerland is when it comes to digital game production, the web-agency "nothing" brings its first iPhone game "Whack-A-Groox" to Apple's AppStore. Great graphics combine with a straightforward gameplay for a literally whacky trip to ice planet Easho. "nothing" didn't fail to think of a way to make creative use of the handling via touch screen, either, when integrating a snowball-maker. This is quite a twist for the game that has its roots in the concept of the "shooting gallery".

Realised with very little budget, the game shows that little can stretch very far and still satisfy highest quality standards. And it shows yet again that the global landscape of game development has been changed by the arrival of new distribution channels that are open towards independent small producers.

The web agency "nothing" is such an independent small game producer, who is also specialised websites and web applications. Founded in the Swiss capital in 1999 by Bastiaan van Rooden, it has frequently attracted the attention of different crowds in the digital scene. With the game Plobb! for Mac OS X voted as Apple Staff Pick in 2007, prize-awarded Flash applications and graphics published by Wired – among other -, nothing is versatile at a very high level. No wonder, for the company symbolized by an orange rocket counts an equal number of designers and developers in its crew in order to blend technology and design together for innovative creations.

Prices of less than a cup of coffee and easy download and installation processes, too, boost the numbers of casual gamers who buy a game for their train ride or coffee break. nothing's "Whack-A-Groox" will definitely be a hot competitor to watch out for in the fight for winning the customers' favour.

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Mr. Bastiaan van Rooden, CEO/ Creative Director

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