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Veteran Developer Daron Stinnett Joins Star Trek Online Team as Executive Producer

San Francisco, CA - 12 May 2005 - Perpetual Entertainment, Inc., the developer of the upcoming massively multi-player games (MMG) Gods and Heroes: Rome RisingTM and Star Trek OnlineTM (STO), is pleased to announce the addition of Daron Stinnett to the Star Trek Online team as its Executive Producer.

Mr. Stinnett has over two decades of experience working in the interactive entertainment industry. At LucasArts Entertainment, Mr. Stinett was the creator and executive producer of six PC and console titles, including the hits Dark Forces, Outlaws, Star Wars Starfighter, and Star Wars Republic Commando. Prior to LucasArts, Mr. Stinnett was project manager on Spectrum HoloByte's Falcon 3.0 and lead programmer on classics such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Donkey Kong Jr.

"Daron has mastered the art of making great games based on great entertainment properties," said Joe Keene, co-founder and chief executive officer of Perpetual. "He understands what makes Star Trek so compelling, and he knows how to translate that into superb gameplay. Daron's vision will not only satisfy the core gaming audience, but will appeal to that vast community of millions who know and love the series and movies."

Star Trek is one of the world's most popular, longest-running, and beloved sci-fi properties, with millions of passionately devoted fans throughout the world. The Star Trek Online license encompasses all live-action motion pictures and television series including Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise, giving Perpetual the opportunity to immerse fans and players in the incredibly rich, diverse, and exciting universe of Star Trek.

"The massively multiplayer genre is the ideal way to realize the Star Trek experience," said Mr. Stinnett. "I look forward to working with the team here at Perpetual to make a product that is not only a great game in its own right, but one brimming with the exploration, adventure, and teamwork that is the essence of Star Trek," he added.

Star Trek Online is currently under development, and is expected to enter beta testing in 2006 with launch in early 2007. For more information, see for "Frequently Asked Questions" about the game.

About Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online will deliver action, adventure and combat mechanics unique to persistent world games. Its design includes a rich array of solo and multiplayer missions set in space, on planets and in starbases throughout the universe. At launch, it will take place during the 24th century timeline in the series, with other aspects of the Star Trek universe to be interwoven and added through expansions. Players will encounter characters, places, and situations from their favorite Star Trek movies and television series; will explore incredible new worlds; and will cooperate with or battle friendly and hostile races throughout the game.

About Perpetual Entertainment, Inc.

Perpetual Entertainment is a San Francisco based producer, publisher, and operator of networked multi-player and massively multi-player games for the PC and next-generation videogame consoles. Perpetual Entertainment was founded and is staffed by industry veterans dedicated to the vision that playing games together is simply more fun, more challenging, and more rewarding than playing alone.

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