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War Rock

Chapter 3 opens, along with a new Artifact map.

Irvine, Ca. – Dec. 18, 2008 – GamersFirst (, a service of K2 Network and one of today's most popular free-to-play online game destinations, introduces Chapter 3 in the War Rock Story along with a new map named Artifact.

Artifact takes place in the secret Derbaran research facility in Cloud Forest that has been a target for the NIU for many years. The facility, code named “Artifact” houses the best and the brightest Derbaran scientists. Intelligence suggests that Derbaran troops have recovered two bodies from the original War Rock crash site and are studying them to develop some kind of biological weapon. The recent “Blue Smoke” incident in Vitious supports this claim. Whatever Derbaran scientists may be up to in “Artifact” seems vital to their war effort as Derbaran managed to keep the existence of this facility a secret for many years. However in light of the recent events in Vitious, NIU’s luck may finally be changing.

Episode 1

Overview: General Karmali starts a civil war against Derbaran for seemingly political reasons but his force's strange behavior indicates an ulterior motive, something to do with a meteor that crashed in the desert, the War Rock project.

Episode 2

Overview: The involvement of a multinational defense corporation in supplying weapons and support to the NIU is discovered. Its interest in the War Rock project is unclear, but it comes out that the War Rock is not organic but rather a constructed object. The speculation is that it's a top secret weapon fallen out of orbit.

Newly Released - Episode 3

Overview: General Karmali discovers the existence of bodily remains recovered from the War Rock crash that are being held in secret. Derbaran scientists are working on developing a biological weapon.

Along with this update is the addition of Two Holiday maps, Holiday Velruf and Holiday Marion (with bonus XP). These are existing maps that have been changed for the holiday; everyone gets to wear a Snowman Head when playing on the Holiday Maps.

About K2 Network and GamersFirst

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