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Bet on Soldier gameplay trailer released

Digital Jesters invite you to witness a shooting experience like no other with the release of a spectacular gameplay trailer for Bet on Soldier.

Bet on Soldier is a totally unique contender in the world of first person shooters. Its fresh new take on blasting chunks out of intelligent enemies with awesomely powerful weapons is based around the ability to bet wads of cash on your trigger squeezing accuracy.

Due for release this coming September, Bet on Soldier offers the single player an engrossing tale set in a world where war is constantly raging and the best soldiers in the business fight against each other for the entertainment of the masses. Bet on Soldier is the world's most popular TV show and everyone can bet on the outcome of one on one battles between the big guns of the mercenary world. Run out of money in this game and you're dead.

The Bet on Soldier multi-player experience is a totally unique melding of squad based gameplay with one on one death match style shoot outs. It's a fresh new offering for the online gamer that combines the best of two diverse gaming styles for one pulse racing experience.

For more information on this game and to download the trailer head to the links below where you can also download some brand new wallpapers and screensavers.

Trailer -

Bet on Soldier site -

Wallpapers -

Screensaver -

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