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Walmart and Best Buy begin selling Facebook Credits

US retailers join Target in vending pre-paid cards loaded with social currency

US retail giants Walmart and Best Buy have begun selling gift cards loaded with Facebook Credits, used as a universal currency for all games and apps on the social networking site.

The two chains will be joining the Target group in the scheme - Target started selling the cards around a month ago. Each retailer has different selection of pre-paid values available, with Target offering $50, $25 and $15 cards, Walmart $25, $10 and $5 and Best Buy $50, $35 and $10.

Over 75 developers running more than 250 games have signed up to use the Credits, including Farmville creator Zynga - despite the developer registering a patent for its own virtual currency, too.

Recently, Facebook partnered with PlaySpan to help manage the Credits scheme and make more payment options available.

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