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VSC: All members treating game ratings "as usual"

Despite legal loophole, industry treating ratings issues as mandatory law

The Video Standards Council in the UK has said that all of its members have agreed to treat the sale of age-rated products to minors as if the law was mandatory.

Yesterday it was revealed that the sale of 15 and 18-rated content to young consumers was not a legal offence, despite the law supposedly being in place for 25 years.

"All sectors of our membership, whether they are video distributors, videogame publishers or entertainment retailers have confirmed that they will continue to conduct their businesses as usual," said Laurie Hall, director general of the VSC.

"Whatever the position of the law is at present our members will continue to operate as if it was mandatory. So far as videogames are concerned they have been acting upon this basis under the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) system for quite some time," she added.

ELSPA also said that its members should continue rating games as normal until the issue is addressed by the government later this year.

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