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Voyage Century VS Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean, the dramatic and aesthetic masterpiece from Gore Verbinski, which has hit all over the world like maelstrom, so do the pirates in Voyage Century ( They engaged in it and talked excitedly about it. Have you ever dreamed to become a pirate of the Caribbean? Come to Voyage Century, you can have an exciting experience in Pirates of the CaribbeanV.

General of the event:

In order to return our passionate fans, officials decide to hold a screenshot and video contest for pirates in VCO for their continuous attention and supports. What we would like to mention is that the rewards this time is the richest in VCO history, especially the reward of First Prize: high-class equipment and Item Mall Point. Are you fascinated with it? Come on!

Time to join: June, 29th----July, 9th

Time to award: July, 10th ---July, 16th

Ways to join:

1. Reply to the thread in event zone at forum. Moderator will put on the announcement of screenshot and video contest on Pirates of CaribbeanV. You are considered to be participants as rely on this thread. Send your splendid videos or screenshots with a brief introduction. For the videos, players can upload your work to and then link to VCO forum.

2. Please leave your server name and character name. Official will not take any responsibility for your not receiving the reward if you don't inform the completed information.


1. Any plagiarism is prohibited. Any posts common in content, we will choose the first.

2. Any off-topic post is prohibited. Once found, this post will be deleted directly. Official will permanently close the player's account if you frequently flood the screen.

3. One player is allowed to join with one main ID. If someone were found to use many IDs to post, official would cancel the player's qualification.

4. The winners of this event will be chosen by poll.


First Prize (*1): One Navigation Star +2000 POINT + one Green Dragon Armor

Second Prize (*2): One Flame Dragon Armor+1000 POINT

Third Prize (*10): One Metal Piece Treasure Chest

For more, please visit:

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