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Voyage Century Online

Let the sea battle begin.

Voyage Century’s first sea battle instance, Malta, will be released soon. This instance is based on the famous Malta Sea War that took place 400 years ago. In this instance players will experience the great sea war again. Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to give you a brief introduction to this instance.

The Malta Instance is situated to the south of Sicily Adventure Island. It is made up of 3 parts; Skirmish, Defense Battle and Defense Battle (Elite) with each one increasing the difficulty a bit. Players with ability certificates (players make exchanges for these certificates) are qualified to enter into the last 2 phases. Players are tasked with protecting Malta from being destroyed. Throughout each phase, players will receive prompts alerting them of what they need to do.

The enemies in the instance are divided into 2 factions, Siege and Normal. Siege enemies can only attack the Fortifications in Malta, and normal enemies can only attack players. Players can use the flags enemies drop to trade for Maltese badges which can be further exchanged for useful items.


After completing the daily quest, you will obtain the Imperial Navy’s Supporting Boxes and abundant profession Exp. In addition, rewards for the primary instance are the Captured Flag, and the Rudder of Hasan’s Ship. Rewards for the medium and senior instances are the Ottoman Empire Army FlagCthe Figurehead of Basha's Ship, and the Imperial Navy’s Supporting Box.

Extra Rewards

If you perform very well during the fortress battles, you will obtain the Low-level Maltese Medal of Honor and the High-level Maltese Medal of Honor which can be exchanged for Dictator Cannons, Neptune Cannons, Quick-fire C Canister Shot, various sea battle gear, and the battle license for the next level instance.

The special sea battle instance will be released soon. Stay tuned to the official website for the latest info: http://vc.igg.com/news/1698/Voyage_Century__Maltese_Instance_Coming_Soon.html

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