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Viera, Morientes and Shevchenko to endorse FIFA 2005

Electronic Arts has announced the line-up of football stars who will be endorsing the next version of FIFA Football, with Arsenal's Patrick Vieira, Real Madrid's Fernando Morientes and AC Milan's Andriy Shevchenko all on board to promote the title.

FIFA Football 2005 will be launched in mid-October, and is expected to arrive at retail on October 8th - a week ahead of the PS2 version of Konami's rival title, Pro Evolution Soccer 4.

The game will be published on all major console systems, with versions for PlayStation, PS2, Xbox, Cube, GBA, N-Gage and PC all due to arrive on the same day - one of the most comprehensive multi-platform launches ever.

The Xbox version of FIFA Football 2005 will form the basis for a new series of tournaments being launched by EA and Microsoft to tie in with the upcoming world cup qualifier matches, with the FIFA Interactive World Cup set to run across six continents from October through to December.

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