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Valve announces Half-Life 2 specs, plans CS:Source beta

Developer Valve has announced details of the minimum and recommended specifications for the forthcoming Half-Life 2, which is believed to be on track to be completed this summer.

According to studio boss Gabe Newell, the basic spec will call for a 1.2Ghz processor, 256Mb of RAM and a DirectX 7 capable graphics card, while the company is recommending a 2.4Ghz processor, 512Mb of RAM and a DirectX 9 card for those who want to see the game in all its glory.

The specifications are somewhat higher than those which the company suggested last year - when base specifications like a 700Mhz processor and a TNT2 graphics card were being thrown around - but should still be well within the range of most current PC owners.

Valve has also announced that it is planning a time-limited beta of Counter-Strike: Source, the updated version of hugely popular online game Counter-Strike which runs on the Half-Life 2 engine. This beta, which will run over the Steam content delivery system, will initially be available to subscribers to the company's Cyber Cafe Program, and will then be opened up to purchasers of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

The beta test, which will be the first chance that gamers have to get their hands on a title based on the Source Engine (legitimately, at least), will take place later this summer.

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