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Vaizey confirms new PEGI delay

Push back to July is "nothing to worry about," insists Culture Minister

The long wait for the implementation of the UK's new PEGI games classification system has suffered a further delay, pushing it back to July at the earliest, can reveal.

The latest slip was confirmed last night by Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey, who said: "There's been some technical delays to iron out a few kinks – nothing fundamental, nothing serious. And we'll crack on with it as fast as we can."

The system was due to be implemented on April 1st 2011, already a year since it was passed as part of the Digital Economy bill. But Vaizey, speaking to at the Gamers' Voice Parliament Games Day in Westminster, insisted there was "nothing to worry about". understands that the cause of the latest delay is due to the time it will take to secure European parliament approval. A source close to PEGI said: "What goes on the front of the box is fine. It's what goes on the back of the box that's still being discussed".

The source added that they hoped it would now be passed by July. When this date was suggested to Vaizey, he acknowledged: "That's my understanding".

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