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Uwe Boll in the running for Postal movie rights

German director Uwe Boll is reported to be interested in picking up the movie rights to Running With Scissors' controversial PC first person shooter title Postal, according to a report on movie website Dark Horizons.

Boll, whose previous work includes film adaptations of House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark, just finished work on a movie based on Majesco's BloodRayne franchise and has commenced production on a Dungeon Siege flick.

However, although Dark Horizons reported the deal as done, developer Running With Scissors denies that any deal has yet been signed - although there's interest from multiple parties including Boll, RWS boss Vince Desi told website GameCloud.

Postal is one of the most deliberately controversial game series of the last few years, roundly savaged by most game critics for focusing on childish and inappropriate violence rather than on anything resembling gameplay, and has been regularly associated with the violent videogames controversy.

Uwe Boll himself is no stranger to controversy, albeit of a different kind - his films to date have been critically panned and commercially unsuccessful, and the acquisition of new licenses by his company, Boll KG, is generally met with horror by fans of the games in question.

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