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Using more Radio: Publishers & PR

Radio networks using CG's to entertain US listeners.

St. Louis, MO. Dec. 6, 2005

All Star Radio Networks LLC., content providers for 700+ affiliates, is using their national product placement network of 350 stations to get new games into the hands of the local and popular radio morning show hosts. Publishers, public relations firms, and developers are putting their games into the hands of the local popular radio personalities as these 'opinion leaders' are speaking to those who are listening.

Half of All Star Radio Networks' affiliates receive "Contest In A Can" where prepackaged on-air contests are provided along with prizes that act as good topic starters or entertainment props. A 90 word fact sheet with 'talking points' and facts is provided to each station along with one or more copies of each game. With this national product placement network, ASRN is providing affiliates with "interesting, new, unusual, or quirky" items that would be of interest to both the show hosts and their listeners.

350 radio stations in 48 U.S. states are using "Contest In A Can" contests to promote themselves, and they are using the featured prizes to promote both the contests AND themselves.

With an average of 10 minutes of exposure per item featured, publishers and PR firms are getting computer games, gaming accessories, or other software live on-air mentions without having to either ship separately to each station or having to contact each station independently. ASRN's existing relationship with the stations and the "Contest In A Can" product placement network takes care of shipping, logistics, and reporting.

Some of the previous games showcased on ASRN's national product placement network include, but are not limited to:

1. "Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition" (Fantasy Strategy/RPG)

2. "Squad Assault: Second Wave" (RTS)

Client: Got Game Entertainment

Product Placement: Rocco Media PR & Marketing

1. "Dark Age of Camelot®: Platinum Edition" (MMORPG)

2. "Dark Age of Camelot®: CatacombsTM" (MMORPG)

Client: Mythic Entertainment®

1. "Codename Panzers: Phase I" (RTS)

2. "Codename Panzers: Phase II" (RTS)

Client: CDV Software Entertainment

Product Placement: CDV Software Entertainment

"Pump It Up" software and dance pad (DDR)

Client: Mastiff

Product Placement: MMPR (Michael Meyers PR)

"Diplomacy" (Strategy)

Client: Paradox Interactive AB

Product Placement: Paradox Interactive AB

Agatha Cristie: And Then There Were None

Client: The Adventure Company

Publisher: The Adventure Company

Scheduled Future product placements include, but are not limited to:

1. "Cuban Missile Crisis: Aftermath" (Alternate History RPG)

2. "Dangerous Waters" (Naval Combat Sim)

3. "Legion Arena" (Strategy)

Client: G5 Software, Sonalysts, Inc,, Slitherine Software

Product Placement: Strategy First Inc.

"Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006" (Strategy/Sim)

Client: Auran Games

Product Placement: Merscom

1. "American Conquest: Three Centuries at War"

2. "American Conquest: Divided Nations"

Client: CDV Software Entertainment

Product Placement: CDV Software Entertainment


Aaron Bianco

Network Producer

National Director, Product Placement

(314) 454-0086, ext.7#

"If you believe in your product, then put it into the hands of the popular radio personalities; they speak to those who are listening."

All Star Radio Networks, LLC.

10 Westmoreland Place

St. Louis, MO. 63108

Fax: (314) 454-0088

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