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US Xbox 360 price cut rumours persist

$199 price point for Arcade SKU still mooted despite previous cut just weeks old

Rumours of another price cut for the Xbox 360 in North America continue to rumble on, with various outlets posting conjecture that the Arcade SKU will retail at USD 199 from September 7 onwards.

That's despite an official price cut dropping that retail unit's price to USD 299 at E3 just a few weeks ago.

VGChartz is currently running with a screen grab allegedly taken from a retailer's inventory system that the cut will indeed take place on September 7 - although there's no validation of the screen at this point.

Additionally, ars technica is predicting that the Pro SKU will also by cut, to USD 299, while the Elite will be set for the Holiday season at USD 399.

The price cut that was officially announced in Microsoft's E3 press conference had previously been rumoured for some time, but there's no precedent to two price cuts taking place in the same territory within two months of each other.

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