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Ukie launches Access to Finance guide with Harbottle and Lewis

"There is money available if you know where to look," says Ukie CEO

Trade body Ukie has partnered with law firm Harbottle and Lewis to write a new guide for games businesses on accessing finance.

The guide, Access to Finance, provides UK games businesses with information on where to look for sources of funding and how best to make use of them. It covers the most common sources of funding including tax reliefs and equity investment.

The announcement comes the same day as TIGA's latest Business Opinion Survey which found that limited access to funding was the leading challenge for the UK games industry.

"We know that accessing finance is a challenge for many games and interactive entertainment businesses throughout the UK," said Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist. "But there is money available if you know where to look and Ukie's guide gives a summary of where some of these pots of money are and how to make use of them."

Alan Moss, interactive entertainment partner at Harbottle and Lewis, added: "We work with many interactive entertainment businesses to help them secure finance. We're delighted to share our knowledge of the UK's funding landscape in Ukie's latest Access to Finance guide."

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