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Ubisoft wins lawsuit against DDoS attack operation

Group ordered to cease operations and hand any associated domains over to the company

Ubisoft has been awarded over $153,000 following legal action against a group selling software used to carry out DDoS attacks in online games, including Rainbow Six: Siege.

The US Central District Court of California settled the case as a default judgement, as the defendants did not contend with Ubisoft's claims.

Using the website, the group was able to distribute software to attack servers powering various online multiplayer titles. The group also had several other domains providing similar services, including,, and, all of which targeted Siege.

The three defendants were ordered to pay a total of $153,094,04 to Ubisoft in damages. The amount was split three ways; $5,280 in investigative costs, $4,352 in miscellaneous fees, and $143,460 -- most of the entire settlement -- in attorney fees.

Additionally, the defendants were ordered by the court to close their operations, any social network accounts associated, and pass over any relevant domains to Ubisoft.

Filed in January 2020, the original document stated that the aim of the case was "to stop an unscrupulous commercial group of hackers and profiteers dedicated to harming Ubisoft's games and destroying the R6S player experience for their own personal financial benefit."

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