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Ubisoft sues producer of Assassin's Creed Symphony show

Publisher says concert promoter breached agreement, refuses to acknowledge termination of contract, is harming relations with new licensee for symphonic Assassin's Creed shows

Ubisoft this week filed suit against the concert promoter that put on a series of Assassin's Creed Symphony shows in 2019 and 2020, as covered by Law.com.

According to the suit, Ubisoft and Massimo Gallota Productions entered into an agreement to create the shows in 2018, but the publisher terminated the deal before the show had completed its first touring year.

Ubisoft alleged that MGP has violated the contract several times over, from not getting Ubisoft's approval for each use of its trademarks to failing to meet minimum quality standards to missing royalty payments.

One particular point the publisher takes issue with is MGP's registration of a URL for the show's website without seeking permission first, and its repeated refusal to transfer ownership of the URL to Ubisoft after the termination of the contract.

As of this writing, MGP's Assassin's Creed Symphony website remains up.

Furthermore, Ubisoft said it signed a deal in December with a new licensee to run Assassin's Creed Symphony shows, and MGP has contacted that new licensee claiming it still has the rights to run such events.

Ubisoft is suing for trademark and copyright infringement, cybersquatting, breach of contract, and more.

MGP did not immediately return a request for comment.