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Truck Racing by Renault Trucks

Free downloadable PC game now includes an online mode.

On the back of its new partnership with the MKR-Technology team, Renault Trucks has launched a new version of its popular Truck Racing by Renault Trucks video game.  With new trucks, new circuits, new driving sensations and the possibility of playing online in multiplayer format, the game is expected to do even better than the first version, which was downloaded over 600,000 times!

As with its predecessor, the new Truck Racing by Renault Trucks game is free and downloadable online at

Trucks are slow? Think again! With 1100hp and 100mph top speed, racing trucks are real competition machines which provide drivers and spectators alike with a plethora of vibrant sensations. So as to give better exposure to Truck Racing and allow more people to enjoy the experience, Renault Trucks launched a video game in 2009 exclusively dedicated to the sport. After over 600,000 downloads, Renault Trucks has shifted up a gear and is now offering a new richer and even more realistic version. Even virtually, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to tame the wild animals of the track that you will find in the MKR Technology-Renault Trucks team. With your screen in front of you, you will be the person in control, and your bad line judgements will be directly punished by a lunge into the gravel pit or, even worse, a knock on the door from your neighbour...

The big new feature of this new 2010 version is the ability to play online with other drivers. You just have to register on the following link and you can drive against your cousin in the US, your daughter in Paris or your next door neighbour, or even all three at once.  In fact, up to 16 participants can play in total at any one time. Three new tracks will host your fight for top spot, depending on how you feel on that day: you may prefer a seaside track for memories of the summer, a woodier layout or indeed amongst the pine trees, more like Provence than anywhere else. Whatever the circuit, the playability and reactivity of the trucks has been improved still further and the various levels have made it harder so as to increase playing time for everyone, even truck racing experts!

Finally, creativity has not been forgotten. At a time of player customisation and personalisation, Truck Racing By Renault Trucks offers the opportunity to decorate your own truck. Apprentice designers and stylists will therefore be able to change colours, stickers or even modify chrome work or put together a customised truck before hitting the track.

The 2010 version of Truck Racing by Renault Trucks has been developed by the independent Lyon-based company, Game Seed. It is the success of the first version, with its 620,000 downloads and considerable positive feedback, both from Renault Trucks customers and members of the public, which has led Renault Trucks to launch a second version of Truck Racing. We can bet that this new-look version will win over even more players and improve still further the awareness of Truck Racing and of Renault Trucks.

Visitors to YouTube can watch a preview movie of the new game at


Truck Racing by Renault Trucks

PC only

Minimum system requirements:                                        

Processor: 2.4 GHz                                                                

1 Go RAM with Windows XP/7                                              

1.5 Go RAM with Windows Vista                                           

Video card 256 Mb - Direct X 8                                              

Disk space: 1 Gb                                                                    

Recommended configuration:

Processor : Dual Core 2.6 GHz

Video card 1 Gb - Direct X 9

Disk space: 1 Gb  

1,5 Go RAM with Windows XP/7

2 Go RAM with Windows Vista


Further information is available from


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