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Music guessing App gets UK release.

Downloaded over 500 000 times in France!

 Top 50 grossing App since launch!

TriviaTunes is a musical quiz application. Whilst listening to a song with friends, the aim is to be the first to name the artist and title. This App’s key difference is that it streams music rather than downloading from a user’s own iPhone, so everyone plays on an equal footing. Players can then download their favourite tracks.

Chugulu Games is a development studio specialized in advergaming, developing both online and iPhone games. Chugulu published in 2008 to bring together music lovers to play a real-time multiplayer musical quiz. Chugulu also developed an innovative iPhone App in October 2010 on the French App Store for, now co-published by Skyrock, the leading French radio network.

This week, this app is coming to the UK and US App Store under the localised name: TriviaTunes.

• The game uses streamed music, i.e. not pulled from a user’s iPhone library. This is a major gameplay enhancement compared to other music quiz games on the Appstore, since all players enjoy a music quiz on an equal footing from the same playlist.

• The application is free to download and includes a free 50-song playlist to allow users to discover the game. Players can then purchase 100-song playlists (TV Shows, Pop-Rock, Rap, French Music, Best of 2000’s, etc…) in-App at $ 1.99  / £ 1.19 each.

• The game includes 3 different modes that can be played alone or with friends (2, 3 or 4 players) on the same iPhone/iPod:

- "Buzz" mode where the iPhone becomes a multiplayer-buzzer: players have to be the fastest to buzz, to say the answer out loud, which is then displayed on the phone;

- "MCQ" mode (Multiple Choice Question) where multiple answers are proposed, incorrect answers disappear over time;

-  "Expert" mode for experienced gamers who don’t need help and want to respond using the iPhone keyboard.

• National and device rankings based on Open Feint and Game Center allow players to compare their scores with their friends and with all other iPhone users.

This application is optimised for the most user-friendly music quiz gameplay. We hope that players will enjoy TriviaTunes as a fun and addictive gaming experience.

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About Chugulu Games

Chugulu Games is a creative studio specializing in advergaming. For 5 years, it has been developing multiplayer online games and offering its customers innovative and customized solutions from casual gaming to acquire and retain web users.

Chugulu clients include companies such as Orange, EMI Music, Fred&Farid, Publicis Net….

Public Relations Chugulu

For US:

Japheth Dillman:

For UK:

Jonathan Barton:            Telephone: +33 6 12 42 90 71

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