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Travian 4

Beta attracts large numbers; Russian language server coming soon.

Munich, 19 January 2011 - Two beta servers of TRAVIAN 4 in English and German language were just launched in early December. After only a few days users could test the servers under extreme conditions, as the world-wide fan community is much more interested in the latest version of this browser game classic than expected. That?s reason enough for Travian Games to react and to launch a third server in Russian language under the domain t4.travian.ru, side by side to the existing German and English servers.

Eckart Foos, Head of Games at Travian Games GmbH says: ?We did expect strong interest in the beta, as the huge community has closely followed the development of the latest version and its changes. What we did not expect were over 80,000 users from across the world playing the limited beta version with such a passion, giving valuable feedback for the upcoming public launch. For that we are immensely thankful! We have one of the strongest communities among browser games, and TRAVIAN 4 Beta is proof that this is not going to change!?

Reasons for this rapid growth within only a few days are the positive press feedback and the size and strength of the world-wide community, which is already favourably discussing the beta in online forums. Their playing the game is taking the servers closer and closer to their limits. The Russian server will remain the last new beta server before TRAVIAN 4 officially launches in 50 countries around the globe successively this spring.

Product: TRAVIAN 4

Genre:   Strategy game in an ancient scenario

Developer:  Travian Games GmbH

Price:  Free to play

Languages:  Beta servers in three languages, final game will be in 42 languages

Website: www.travian.com

(current beta at t4.travian.com/ t4.travian.de/ t4.travian.ru)

About Travian Games GmbH:

Headquartered in Munich, Travian Games GmbH is one of the world's leading providers of browser-based online games.

The company offers its customers worldwide a range of complex and multi-layered worlds of experience that impress with

their game depth and guarantee long-lasting gaming fun. A motivated team of over 170 employees develop and market

online entertainment for all age groups. The company also acts as a publisher for external developers. With no lengthy or

expensive downloads, all games can be simultaneously played by millions of users worldwide - all that is required is

Internet access and a web browser.

The portfolio of various genres is translated into up to 42 different languages, enabling the games to be used around the

world by fans who appreciate lasting gaming entertainment. Further information about Travian Games GmbH is available at



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