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Toptronics growth outpaces Nordic markets

Finland-based games distribution specialist Toptronics has announced selected details of its results for the full year to through to the end of June, revealing that the company outpaced market growth in the Nordic territories significantly.

For the twelve month period, the Nordic market as a whole remained steady, with no growth registered - but Toptronic, which is the largest distributor in the region, managed to maintain almost 15 per cent growth.

"On top of faster than market growth, we have been able to maintain profitability in all our territories," boasted Toptronics CEO Petri Lehmuskoski. "This is due to the great commitment we have from our employees and partners in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden."

The group estimates that in the coming financial year, its turnover will exceed 45 million Euro - with the fastest growth coming from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and over half of the company's turnover and profit now being generated outside its native Finland.

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