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Too Human developer not concerned with timing

Denis Dyack thinks it will be possible to release the trilogy on the Xbox 360, but is prepared for console's successor

Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack isn't concerned with the timing of the release of the Too Human trilogy - with the first game coming during the third year of the Xbox 360's lifespan.

"The engine is built to be scalable as well, so if another platform does come out, we're not worried about it," he told journalists at Microsoft Game Studio's recent showcase event.

Dyack thinks that Silicon Knights will be able to release all three Too Human games on the current Xbox 360 console.

"I'm not able to predict the lifespans and what the plans are for the next generation of systems for Microsoft, but I would say it is very possible.

"If they drop [the Xbox 360] next year, well then it would be pretty difficult. But I don't think that's going to happen."

Dyack noted that Silicon Knights planned to use their proprietary engine for future titles beyond the Too Human trilogy, and that the engine could also be used on competing platforms as well.

"It is designed as a multi-platform engine, absolutely," Dyack said.

Development on the game originally began using the Unreal Engine, but Silicon Knights has since created its own engine for the game.

Last year, the company filed a lawsuit alleging that Epic Games failed to provide them with a final development kit in a timely fashion and failed to provide them with support. Epic Games countersued, alleging that the Too Human engine is derivative and unauthorised.

Both Epic and Silicon Knights presented their games at Microsoft's showcase. The litigation between them has yet to be resolved.

"I can't comment upon that right now, but it is moving along," Dyack said.

Too Human - which Dyack says features the best story the company has ever created - is scheduled to be released on August 19 in the US and August 29 in Europe.

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