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TIGA announces committee for new developer conference

Developer trade body TIGA has announced the steering committee for its recently announced developers' conference, the European Developers' Forum, which will run alongside the EGN trade show in London at the start of September.

The EDF Steering Committee features a broad cross section of representatives from European developers, and will be chaired by Kuju Entertainment's Jeremy Longley.

Other UK development luminaries on the committee include Revolution's Charles Cecil, Elixir's Mark Hewitt, Rebellion's Jason Kingsley, Argonaut's Jez San, Gusto Games' Fred Gill and VIS Entertainment's Chris van der Kuyl.

Continental European studios are represented by Guerrilla Games' Hermen Hulst, Sproing's Harald Riegler and Darkworks' Antoine Villette, and there's even room at the inn for a representative of a major publisher - with Electronic Arts' Tim Heaton being the sole committee member to hail from a non-independent developer.

"We have an excellent group of talented key individuals who will shape the European Developers' Forum programme," enthused TIGA CEO Fred Hasson. "We believe it is vital that the European development industry has a strong event supported by the major companies and individuals that help make our community such an important part of the global games business. I look forward to Jeremy and the Advisory group announcing the event's content at the end of June."

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