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Both Tibia and TibiaME given an update.

Regensburg, November 18, 2009 – In the last two weeks, both Tibia and TibiaME have been updated by CipSoft.

Besides numerous smaller episodes, TibiaME has 2 major updates per year. This year's autumn update not only offers a complete new island to explore, but also several changes of the game mechanic. Due to the availability of faster mobile connections, the general movement speed of creatures and characters could be raised. In addition, NPC dialogues were improved, player achievements introduced, and many new monsters were created.

“Overall, it took us 6 months to implement this year's autumn update,” says Benjamin Zuckerer, responsible product manager for TibiaME. “And I am very happy to see that the first reactions of our players are more than positive,” Zuckerer admits.

CipSoft’s most successful product, the MMORPG Tibia, was updated as well. The most significant change is a completely new war system which supports battles between different guilds with official war declarations and a frag counter. This new system is even available on all optional PvP game worlds. In addition, character transfer from one server to another is now available for purchase.

“After the update is before the update,” says Florian Jumah-Eckert, product manager for Tibia. “We’ve already published our first teaser for the upcoming Christmas update. So no leaning back,” Jumah-Eckert continues.

About CipSoft

CipSoft is an independent German developer and publisher of online games for various platforms. With 300,000 international players, Tibia, the main product is one of the oldest and most successful online role-playing games from Europe. Furthermore, TibiaME is the first online role-playing game for mobile phones worldwide. CipSoft's third product, Fiction Fighters, which can be described as an interactive 3D online comic, will be released soon. ; ;

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