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Three great ways to get Sam & Max: Season 1

Download individual episodes, buy the whole season, or subscribe to GameTap

SAN RAFAEL, CA, October 4, 2006 - Digital entertainment pioneer Telltale Inc. and GameTap, the first-of its-kind broadband entertainment network from Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS, Inc.), today announced a comprehensive pricing plan for Sam & Max: Season 1 that offers customers excellent value, flexibility, and choice.

Customers' payment options are:

1) Download individual Sam & Max episodes for $8.95 each from Telltale.

2) Buy the entire season for $34.95 from Telltale.

3) Subscribe to GameTap for $9.95/month to get exclusive early access to Sam & Max episodes, along with over 600 other games.

"We want customers to be able to get Sam & Max the way they want it, when they want it," says Telltale CEO Dan Connors. "One of the biggest benefits of the episodic model is the flexibility it provides. We've listened carefully to what this audience wants from an episodic game, and as a result, Sam & Max: Season 1 is the first series with episodes released so frequently and affordably."

Sam & Max aren't your average crime-fighting duo. One's a six-foot tall canine shamus with a love of justice. The other's a hyperkinetic rabbity-thing with a taste for violence. Together, Sam & Max are the Freelance Police, ridding the streets of bottom-feeding sludge one dastardly miscreant at a time. Over the last two decades, Sam & Max have appeared in a number of formats, including independent comics, a graphic adventure game, and a Saturday morning cartoon. Sam & Max: Season 1 marks the duo's triumphant return into the limelight.

Sam & Max: Season 1 is scheduled to kick off in the coming weeks and run through April. The pilot episode, Culture Shock, will debut October 17, 2006 on GameTap, and will become available worldwide on Telltale's website November 1. Episodes 2-6 will follow the same pattern, with each episode debuting on GameTap 15 days before its worldwide release. Beginning with episode 2 in December, the games will be released monthly. Stand-alone machinima "shorts" will be released weekly to bridge the gap between episodes, beginning in December.

People who purchase the whole season for $34.95 will get access to each episode as soon as it becomes available on Telltale's website. At the end of the season, these customers can choose to receive a Season 1 CD containing all six episodes for only the cost of shipping and handling. Telltale will begin taking preorders for Season 1 through the company's online store in mid-October. To receive an email alert when preorders begin, sign up for Telltale's newsletter at

About Telltale

Telltale delivers Tales for Your Imagination - high caliber interactive entertainment which features engaging stories, strong characters, and rich environments. A new era of interactive entertainment is emerging, with customers expecting more from their investment in play time. Telltale is developing and deploying cinematic quality animation and storytelling technologies, to create entertaining and exciting interactive adventures which meet these new expectations. Staffed with long time industry veterans, Telltale creates tales based on Jeff Smith's Bone series, Steve Purcell's Sam & Max characters and television's popular CSI program in partnership with Ubisoft. Telltale offers content development and custom publishing services for license-holders interested in adapting their properties for interactive delivery. Telltale has created innovative tools, designed specifically for rapid development of high quality, space-efficient titles for digital distribution. Telltale titles can be downloaded from its website, as well as online partners such as Yahoo! Games, Direct-to-Drive, Trymedia Systems, Boonty, and CNET. To learn more about Telltale, please visit

About GameTap

GameTap is the leader in digital game distribution and broadband entertainment. Launched by Turner Broadcasting in 2005, it now delivers more than 600 authentic versions of the greatest console, computer and arcade games on demand, including original and exclusive episodic properties. In addition to games for every age and interest, GameTap offers more than 400 original entertainment programs, popular video streams and thriving virtual communities to broadband-connected PCs. Continually updated with new games, programs and features, GameTap is a downloadable application that supports navigation and game play using keyboard and mouse, as well as most USB peripherals. Go to and expand your playground.

About Turner

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS, Inc.), a Time Warner company, is a major producer of news and entertainment products around the world and the leading provider of programming for the basic cable industry.

About Sam & Max

Steve Purcell published "Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple" as his first Sam & Max comic in 1987. Sam & Max solved assorted crimes and mysteries as "Freelance Police" in their sturdy 1960 Black and White De Soto Adventurer from their home base in New York City. After a series of follow-up comic books, Purcell worked with a team at LucasArts to create the critically acclaimed "Sam & Max Hit the Road" adventure game in 1993. The dog and bunny duo moved to television, in an award-winning animated series in 1997 and are now appearing in an all-new webcomic series at


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