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Online mag auctioning off ad pages.

Thirteen1 - Hull, Monday 23rd February 2009...

Advertise your webgame, site or second hand car to the readers of Thirteen1 for as little as £5 for a full-colour, full page ad!

Every month the Thirteen1 guys have a few advertising pages left over and so far have just been 'giving them to their mates', but in the pub last week they hit on the idea of letting you fight for them!

How does it work?

In order to enter the monthly spamfight you have to register, which you do by going here and providing a few details – http://www.thirteen1.com/auction/index.php?module=Register

Once you have registered, you can bid on a range of advertising pages in T1, just like it was on eBay. Only, different...

Bidding begins at £5 and rises in increments of at least 10% – that's a raise of 50p on £5, or 60p on £6 etc.

It's not just cash they're interested in though, no no! Thirteen1 wants your stuff too, and they are willing to accept just about anything.

If you don't want to part with cash, you can offer literally any old item and it'll be treated just like money. The cooler the stuff, the higher they'll value it!

Thirteen1 aren't going to accept dead animals or a collection of your dirty old fingernails (see, it's not quite eBay!), but will happily take consoles, games, DVD's, cars, holidays or a years supply of beer off your hands. If you're not sure about whether to submit an item, just give it a try, you might be surprised!

When they accept an item from you, Thirteen1 will assign it a cash value which your account will be debited in credit. You can use this credit just like real cash to bid on ads!

There's no limit to how many pages you can buy from T1 and the biggest bids for each slot at lunchtime on the 7th of every month wins the ad-space. Simple!

That means that you could have the inside cover or the back cover for as little as £5 – or every page for as little as £50!

Registrations aren't limited to just advertising companies or game owners, so if you have an old kitchen unit you want to sell or if you just want to slag someone in your class/office/prison-wing off with a full colour advertisement (animation permitted) you may do so in T1!

Once again, to register just go to - http://www.thirteen1.com/auction/index.php?module=Register

Any enquiries about the new auction service should be directed to general@thirteen1.com

About Thirteen1 – The Online Games Magazine

Thirteen1 is an independent, online based, professionally made free-to-read games magazine created in East Yorkshire, UK.

Thirteen1's main objective is to release a top notch gaming magazine on the 13th of every month at 1pm.

Founded in March 2008 by three gaming enthusiasts the idea behind the site was a simple one - provide gaming news and reviews written by gamers, for gamers. Since the first issue was released on the 13th of April 2008, Thirteen1 has being released right on time every month.

Thirteen1 makes every effort to feature independent games in the exact same light as Triple-A titles. Meaning that small companies are treated just as equally as the big companies, giving fair coverage to the entire industry as a whole.

Thirteen1 – http://www.thirteen1.com

Contact - general@thirteen1


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