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November's issue available to read online now.

Hull, Friday 13th November 2009.. ← go here now to skip the below text and dive straight into the latest edition of Thirteen1

It's Friday the 13th - the unluckiest time of the year! Despite that, Thirteen1 have managed to avoid any major mishaps and bring out the biggest issue of their free-to-read mag yet (a whopping 120 pages!), right on time too – 13th of the month, 1pm.

Now, let's go all Jason Voorhees and take a 'stab' at the gaming world...**

There are plenty of special features to tuck into with the November issue, from a countdown of the 13 worst and (for lack of a better term..) best videogame movies, to a run-down on the top gaming villain types and yet another splendid 5-page special on Breaking into the Industry. Fancy a career in games? Then you'll definitely want to check out these tips from industry experts!

The Thirteen1 guys also braved the masses of hungry, curious gamers at this years Eurogamer Expo, to bring you their views on all of the top upcoming titles - all due out in Q1 2010, apparently. God of War, Heavy Rain, AVP, Cletus Clay..they were all there, and they're all covered here in a 9 page special.

The tenacious Paddy the DrunkenGamer managed to pin down Funcom's top PR man for the latest issue, in order to pry some information from him on their upcoming MMORPG, The Secret World. Not the easiest of tasks, but the DrunkenGamer can be rather persuasive after a beer or five..

Not only did Paddy get all the info he wanted, he also managed to set up a Q&A giving Thirteen1 readers the opportunity to submit any TSW related question they want – result!

Be sure to jump to the TSW feature and use the form to put your questions forward before T1 ship them off to Funcom at the end of November. Answers will be coming in the December edition.

Iceberg Interactive have re-released some top titles in time for the Christmas shopping surge, with adventure classics like The Dracula Trilogy and Syberia Collection hitting our stores in handy, bargain box set form. Thirteen1 re-visit and review both of them for you – just to make sure they're still worth your pennies.

There's also a spanking Brutal Legend front cover (and review, or course), along with Uncharted II, this years PES & Fifa releases, Cities XL, Shattered Horizon, Age of Conan, Game soundtracks, hardware & tech features- and much, much more!

If there's one thing they enjoy doing around the T1 office, it's chilling out with those little flash-based gaming gems. This month, gaming portal Round Games had them well and truly entertained – so much so, in fact, that they've picked out the best 4 for you to play along with! Bet you can't beat their score at the addictive-as-sin Cap 'n' Pop...

Comps & Giveaways

It simply wouldn't be an issue of Thirteen1 if they weren't giving away all kinds of cool stuff, so how about some free games and hardware?

The issue is packed with competitions, from Cities XL, Shattered Horizon and Manic Monkey Mayhem, to Giotek's awesome “Online Essentials for the PS3” kit and, of course, the regular retro-gaming blow out!

Enjoy the issue.

** know, the killer from Friday 13th?...We'll grab our coats..

About Thirteen1 – The Online Games Magazine

Thirteen1 is an independent, online based, professionally made free-to-read games magazine created in East Yorkshire, UK. Each new issue is released on the 13th of every month at 13.00 GMT. Thirteen1 have published 15 issues to date, as well as 2 supplements, covering a wide variety of titles from multiple-platforms.

Thirteen1 is read in 125 territories, with the majority of the readership coming from North America, UK and BENELUX region.

Thirteen1 can be viewed in all browsers and is also available as a PDF.

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