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The 100% free-to-read May issue of Thirteen1 magazine is available now, packed with essential gaming goodness!

T1's DrunkenGamer has been on a gaming binge of epic proportions this month, starting with a tour of "Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms", the upcoming expansion for Frogster's free-to-play MMO Runes of Magic, and culminating in a massive 8-page interview with Blizzard legend Tom Chilton!

The lovable inebriate even found time to traverse the desolate wastelands of Fallen Earth, courtesy of a tour with the game's senior designer, but not before hacking his way through Rising Star's top Wii slasher, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

As if that wasn't enough, he also managed to takeover his own version of browser-based mafia MMO, Omerta. Aptly dubbed the "Deathmatch" version, the DrunkenGamer will be using his MMO knowledge to spruce it up with his own ideas of how a game should work.

Our prediction – Omerta is about to see a whole lot of violence...

April saw the guys at Exor Studios release the brand new "Slaughter Mode" DLC for Zombie Driver, their bargain priced indie hit. Anyone who adds 50% more content to a game for free deserves some loving, so Thirteen1 get behind the wheel of the undead-basher again to see how the game has improved since launch.

If the sight of zombie limbs flying everywhere isn't your thing, check out the colourful universe of Allods Online instead, gPotato's 'space-opera' MMORPG, which finally gets it's formal Thirteen1 review. Alternatively, if you're after something a little more artsy-fartsy (T1 are all about class), it's definitely recommend you look into unique, hand-painted point-and-clicker, The Whispered World.

This past month has seen a bevvy of crucial games related conferences take place, with Thirteen1's free-bar enthusiast TurkeySaladBoy happily paying them a visit. Perennial party-throwers GameHorizon have once again impressed, this time with the immense State of Independence conference. They've got all of the best bits covered – essential for anybody wanting to break into the industry and go it alone.

Similarly, the Nordic Games Conference also sprung into life at the end of April, taking over Malmo for 2 days of top keynotes and indie gaming sessions.

Of course, all of the usual T1 goodness is present and accounted for, including: game soundtrack reviews; a look at some of retro gaming's best ever releases; a huge Breaking Into the Industry special; and a 13-1 countdown of the best voice actors to ever grace our gaming screens.

Comps and Giveaways!

As always, Thirteen1 are giving you the chance to get your hands on some free goodies.

To celebrate their tour of Fallen Earth, Icarus Studios' Fallout 3-alike MMORPG, Thirteen1 have teamed up with the guys behind the game to give away 30 retail keys!

There's also a quality box of Allods Online goodness, which includes a 4gig pen drive (with install of the game) and a nifty portable mouse (amongst others!), and the usual retro gaming blowout, courtesy of the fine folk at

Enjoy the issue!

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