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Third-parties line up to support new Sony handheld

Metal Gear Solid, Monster Hunter, Call of Duty for NGP

Capcom, Sega, Activision, Epic, Konami and Tecmo Koei have all pledged support for the Next Generation Portable console from Sony.

At the PlayStation Meeting taking place today in Tokyo, Capcom revealed a downloadable version of the wildly popular Monster Hunter 3 Portable and a demo of Lost Planet 2.

Sega showed a demo of Ryu Ga Gotoku - known as Yakuza in the West - while Tecmo Koei brought a Dynasty Warriors title to the presentation.

Konami's Hideo Kojima revealed Metal Gear Solid 4 for the system, using the model data and environments from the PlayStation 3 version of the game, and also teased the possibility of a project playable across both the NGP and the PlayStation 3.

Epic's Tim Sweeny described the console as a "game-changer", demoing a new cartoon RPG, while Activision's Philip Earl announced a version of Call of Duty but offered no other details.

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