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The9, OpenFeint open Android development fund

iOS devs porting to Google handsets can apply for part of $100m pot

Mobile gaming network OpenFeint and Chinese publisher The9 have partnered for a fund intended to encourage iOS developers to move to Android.

The pair is now accepting applications from developers hoping to access an as-yet unspecified portion of the $100 million warchest The9 has setup to fund mobile software.

"There's a treasure trove of great games on iOS waiting for the rest of the world to discover," said OpenFeint marketing VP Eros Resmini. "This fund will help make that possible for indie game developers."

The9 invested $4 million in cross-platform network OpenFeint, which claims to have 68 million registered players, last Summer.

"Our partnership with OpenFeint is a great first step," said Chris Shen, vice president at The9. "We are excited to see some great games on Android devices in China soon."

The pair will also select several of the successful applications to be localised for the burgeoning Chinese market. Interested developers should apply to this address.

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