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The Rocket brings the classic pinball games back to life!

Release date April 29, 2005 at 12.00 a.m.

Tampere, April 29, 2005. In summer 2005, The Rocket will publish the Pinball Dreaming pinball game to mobile platforms. The game is based on the Pinball Dreams trilogy that was published in the 1990s by the Swedish Digital Illusions studio (DICE). The Rocket will convert this trilogy in its entirety to mobile phones.

In 1990s, millions of copies of Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions were sold for 16-bit home computers. They were published to all game platforms of that time.

By using The Rocket's proprietary technology platform these games, which used to require the best gaming machines of their times, can be ported to mobile phones in their original form.

"Pinball Dreams was more innovative and fun than many actual pinball machines, and we believe that a good game will always be a good game and that it can live throughout generations. By publishing Pinball Dreaming we will prove that their basic idea still works, and thus we will again offer this fantastic craftsmanship to the players. We won't modernize the game itself, but we will introduce it to the world of the modern youth, and we will introduce new elements by respecting the original", tells Juuso SalmijTMrvi, The Rocket's CTO, Marketing and Communication.

Pinball Dreaming is the first game to use the Rokkstar super distribution technology developed by The Rocket. This technology enables the free-of-charge distribution of the actual game in mobile entertainment services, Internet, alongside PC games, and even directly from one user's phone to another's. The basic application of Pinball Dreaming includes one table, but the users can easily purchase additional content through the game application. No SMS messages, WAP transfers or running in mobile phone stores - players only select from a menu what they want, and the selected table is downloaded and installed in the mobile phone automatically. The payment will be added to the next telephone invoice.

the rest of the tables in the original trilogy will be fee-based additional content. In addition to these, the users can also purchase completely new tables.

It is possible to personalize the game by downloading new, exclusive background music tracks and ringtones to the built-in jukebox. This content is created by both the legendary composer Rob Hubbard and the original Pinball Dreams composer Olof Gustavsson. Also game-themed 3D screen savers, background images and logos will be offered.

The users can also enjoy additional free-of-charge content, such as making of documents about the game production, photos and interviews.

Andreas Axelsson from Digital Illusions summarizes their view about the comeback of their pinball game:

"Being able to reach out to a whole new generation of gamers with such an old game is something usually reserved for the true classics. We're immensely proud to be considered worthy."

"When Pinball Dreams was born as a crazy idea in a summer cottage 17 years ago it was beyond our wildest dreams that it would get the kind of attention and appreciation it has. I'm truly proud that people still enjoy the games."

How is it possible to fit in a mobile phone a 13-years-old game series that used to require the most efficient home computers of its time?

"That is what is truly legendary. We won't convert the original code and game as such, but we're concentrating on the original physics and logic of the pinball tables. The physics code alone was astonishingly developed for its time, and the developers spent six months on that before starting the rest of the game development. Each field, on the other hand, took 6 to 8 months of work. Because of all this, you can see from the game how everything has been processed with extreme care. We will use the original graphics, but the actual code we will convert manually", tells Juuso SalmijTMrvi.

Pinball Dreaming will be published in summer 2005 to Symbian-based mobile phones, which are manufactured by Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo, Siemens and Sony Ericsson, among others.

The Rocket is a mobile technology company founded in January, 2003 in Tampere, Finland. The core business of the company consists of smart phone content, namely games and music entertainment. Partners in music entertainment are the large record companies.

The content created by The Rocket is distributed, in addition to ringtone portals, through various media channels and an amazing super distribution method. By using super distribution, an application can be copied to a friend's phone wirelessly. The payment technology developed by The Rocket takes care of easy and reliable charging in the customer's phone invoice.

The Rocket aims to international mass markets, and the company is developing its technology platform to support the most popular smart phones, whose relative market share is growing at a tremendous pace. The Rocket differs from other mobile content producers by their passion to do more impressive things than their competitors, and in a smaller size.

Pinball Dreaming

Genre: pinball

Platforms: Symbian-based smart phones

Producer: The Rocket

Publication: summer 2005

For more information, please contact:

The Rocket, Juuso SalmijTMrvi,, Tel. +358 50 369 5970

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