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The Raging Dead

Zombie infection sim for the iPhone.

Vancouver, Canada – January 15, 2010 – Software developer GhostBird Software today announced the release of The Raging Dead on the iTunes App Store.

The Raging Dead is a zombie infection simulation set in an urban environment where the goal is to save the human population and their city.

Using a small arsenal, defend a city from hoards of raging zombies that threaten to infect the entire population. There are hundreds of intelligent beings on screen at once. These beings freely navigate through the city, avoiding buildings, cars, etc.

Zombies will chase down and infect humans when they are within sight, while humans will instinctively run away. If unable to get away, the human will become infected, thus becoming a zombie.

Game play takes place in a multitude of city environments - each one completely destructible. For example, when a player drops a bomb on a building, the building will explode and burn. The ultimate goal is to save as many humans as possible, while limiting damage to the city in the process.

The entire gaming experience is straightforward and fun from start to finish.

Release Date: 15 January 2010

Price: $2.99 USD

Requirements: iPhone, iPod touch

Screenshots and trailer of The Raging Dead are available at

About GhostBird Software


GhostBird Software is an independent game studio based in British Columbia, Canada. Their App PhotoForge, a photo editing and painting application, earned enthusiastic reviews, with MacWorld proclaiming “PhotoForge is the most powerful App of its kind in the App Store and a must-have for artists, creatives or anyone interested in image editing."

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