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It's a long way from Hollywood to Warrington UK and on first impressions it would seem these two places have little in common. But on 7th and 8th April the town will host its second film festival and this time there will be a special showing of movies created using The Movies, bringing some Hollywood style film making to the heart of Cheshire.

On 2nd February 2006 the Movies community site http://www.themoviesgame.com and the Warrington Film Festival site http://www.warringtonfilmfestival.co.uk will invite submissions for consideration, to be shown at the film festival. The organisers are hoping to whittle, what is expected to be a large number of submissions, down to the best 12 and these will be shown to the public at a dedicated showing at the festival.

In order to ensure entries are as creative and innovative as possible the organisers have placed very few restrictions on entries other than to keep the length of the movie under five minutes, use non copyright music and to be totally original (i.e. not based on any existing films).

Members of The Movies Development team will also run a special workshop at the festival to demonstrate how easy it is to create unique movies using The Movies.

Mark Webley Development Director of Lionhead Studios said "We are very pleased to be a part of the Warrington Film Festival. While any movies uploaded onto our site can be viewed be anyone else, we think there can be no substitute for seeing your movie on the big screen. I am sure that anyone attending the film festival will blown away with the creative talents that The Movies has unearthed".

Responding on behalf of The Warrington Film festival Paul Wilshaw said "Teaming up with Lionhead Studios is amazing for Warrington Film Festival. We are always excited to promote new and exciting talent. Using The Movies game is such an easy and accessible way for budding film makers to make short films. I hope that The Movies game will see the start of a new breed of film makers and even a new way to make films. I can't wait to see these films on the big screen."


For further information on The Movies please contact Cathy Campos at Panache PR on +44(0) 1 483 401099 or via email cathy@panachepr.co.uk

For further information on the Warrington Film Festival please contact Paul Wilshaw on +44 (0)1942 670208 or via email paul@warringtonfilmfestival.co.uk


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