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The Doctor is In! Dr. Germ Now Available

For Immediate Release

Sept 19th, 2005 - Game Savant is proud to release Dr. Germ (, a combination of four highly addictive strategic puzzle games. Come to the science lab and become a germologist in this fast, fun, and brain stimulating set of games. Compete online for high scores.

There are four game modes in Dr. Germ, each with a unique set of rules using the same cute germs. In 'Research' you must take a full Petri dish and remove sets of 2 or more like germs. The germs will always refill from the left side of the screen and you must score enough points in each level to advance and find new germs. In 'Gene Splicer' you must maneuver germs across a board, connecting them with other germs to prevent the germs from overflowing above the top of your container. In 'Petri Dish' your germs are multiplying and it is up to you to stop them by combining the like-germs together before they out-produce your ability to match them. Finally, in 'Stranded DNA' you must control a whirling vortex to maneuver your germs and remove them before your vortex runs out of power.

Each game is completely unique and a challenge for all ages. Compete online for the highest score or offline for a variety of science awards, discoveries of new germs, and the title "Germologist." If you enjoy challenging puzzle games then Dr. Germ has the cure for your addiction!

About Game Savant

Game Savant,, believes in fun; specifically, yours. If you're not having fun, we're not doing our jobs. To that end, we constantly strive to find and deliver the best games available for your entertainment. Whether it's a game created by a top indie developer or one that we wrote ourselves, in house, Game Savant's goal is to make sure you never go game hungry again.

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