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Telltale: Episodic model serves as "license incubation"

Developer's co-founder, Dan Connors, discusses using the episodic format to develop strong retail brands

Telltale's co-founder, Dan Connors, has said that the developer uses episodic gaming as a form of "license incubation" for creating a successful retail product, at GCDC today, in Germany.

During his talk entitled Episodic: A new model for gaming and entertainment, Connors described the benefits of developing an episodic game as a great way to build up the strength of franchise piece by piece.

He explained that releasing a game in parts allowed Telltale to build up a recurring fan base that would make their retail products a success.

"With Sam & Max we launched it online as an episodic game… to build up the franchise," he said. "We call it 'licence incubation'."

"So that when you go to retail there’s already an audience…it allows us to develop the game, stay profitable…and then go into the market place with a strong project."

"Certainly retail is still major player and a really important part of the business," he added.

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