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Tecmo Koei asks Sony to "please cut the price" of PS3

CEO says price cut is needed to boost the PlayStation 3's market share

The CEO of newly-formed publisher Tecmo Koei has said that he would "welcome" a price cut on the PlayStation 3.

He said that in discussions with Sony he always asks the corporation to cut the price of the hardware in order to increase market share for the home console.

"Whenever I discuss this with Sony reps I always ask them: 'Please cut the price'," Kenji Matsubara told CVG in an interview. "From a publisher's point of view we would welcome a price cut for PS3 and we are waiting, definitely," he added.

"It's definitely a way of boosting the PS3 market, but it's Sony's strategy and I don't know their cost structure. Sony introduced cutting-edge technology in the PS3, that's why people in the industry accept that the PS3 cost is so high, but we'd welcome a price cut."

Last month it was Activision criticising Sony's decision to keep the price of PlayStation 3 static, with CEO Bobby Kotick threatening to withdraw the publisher's support for the console. He voiced his concerns the PlayStation 3 is losing momentum, adding that it's expensive to develop for and that games sell better on the Xbox 360.

Despite speculation Sony will cut the price of the PlayStation 3 later this year - possibly to coincide with the release of a new slimmer model - the company is yet to confirm any such move.

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