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Symbiosis Get2Away For Sony With Carling & STORM


London, Monday 1 November 2004

Specialist games partnership and in-game advertising agency Symbiosis Media today announced its latest in-game placement deals for "The Getaway: Black Monday", which will feature advertising from STORM watches and Carling.

The placement of the two brands in Sony's highly anticipated sequel which hits the streets on 12 November 2004 has been put together and negotiated by Symbiosis Media and sees advertising from the two brands totally integrated into the PS2 game, which is a photo-realistic replication of the streets of London.

Carling has taken most of the advertising space in the London Underground level of the game, to reflect its real life presence in the London Underground of buskers' backdrops, and other ads. As part of the deal, The Getaway: Black Monday trailers, which include Carling ads, will run on all 10 Carling screens in key London Underground stations.

STORM, meanwhile, have outdoor and Underground posters throughout the game and are also giving away copies of the game on Sony will also be running competitions on the as well as at The Getaway: Black Monday launch party to win STORM watches.

Maryam Bazargan, Director at Symbiosis Media commented, "We are proud to be working with such high profile brands on this project. Brands such as Carling and STORM realise a higher number of young men than ever before are spending more time playing games than consuming any other media, so games present a perfect medium for reaching their audience."

The original "The Getaway" which launched in 2002 sold over 3 million copies internationally and is one of the most successful games ever released by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The Getaway: Black Monday has an 18+ BBFC age rating and is set to be a surefire blockbuster hit this Christmas.

About Symbiosis Media

Symbiosis Media is the leading independent games media specialist liaising between games publishers/developers and advertisers identifying and delivering opportunities for brands to utilise interactive entertainment within their communications mix. Working comprehensively across all platforms, including PC, console, mobile, web, iTV and DVD, services include:

- Product placement & advertising within games

- Partnership marketing initiatives between brands and games

- Advertiser-funded games

- Sales promotion campaigns

- Advertising and branded games on iTV

- Licensing

For further information please contact:

Symbiosis Media Ltd.

5 Old Street



t: 020 7549 1331

Maryam Bazargan


t: 020 7549 1334

m: 07771 590 165


Lou Fawcett


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m: 07775 753 147


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