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100,000 used games on offer at trading site.

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 19, 2010 – SwitchGames.com announced today its members are offering more than 100,000 items up for trade, making it the largest peer-to-peer video game trading community ever created. Free to join, SwitchGames.com is a new trading community that gives gamers the power to safely, quickly, and easily swap used games directly with each other.

SwitchGames achieved the 100,000 milestone in less than a year. "It's not us, it's the community," said Jason Crawford, SwitchGames' co-founder. "Members have created a huge inventory in a short amount of time, which proves this is more of a movement than a website. We are trying to revolutionize the $3B used game business by organizing and empowering gamers to take control of it. We're providing the infrastructure but it's the gamers who are beginning to flex their power in numbers." In just 11 months from launch, the SwitchGames community is offering 43% of all current generation console games available on eBay (68% of Xbox 360 games, 40% of PlayStation 3 games, 15% of Wii games). "At this rate," Crawford said, "it won't be very long before the SwitchGames community has created a bigger marketplace than eBay when it comes to video games."

SwitchGames' co-founder Kai Bond goes on to explain the rapid growth of the company's online video game trading platform. "Peer-to-peer trading is a no-brainer for gamers who want the most out of their game budgets. The sheer volume of games listed for trade on SwitchGames.com proves that gamers want an alternative to GameStop." Analyst Todd Greenwald from Signal Hill Capital points out that "the used video game market has become a vital part of the gaming ecosystem. Sites like SwitchGames make it possible for gamers to afford purchasing new games at $60. Without this second-hand market, gamers would without a doubt purchase fewer new games. Leveraging services like SwitchGames, more games are experienced and shared, and with the cost of new titles remaining at $60, this fairly expensive form of media is made much more affordable - truly a win/win for everyone involved."

About SwitchGames

SwitchGames® ( www.switchgames.com), The Gamers Marketplace™, is an online community for gamers where members engage in peer to peer video game trading with one another for free. The site was founded by game developer and entrepreneur Jason Crawford. Launched in 2009, SwitchGames has become a popular social marketplace that connects and empowers gamers, allowing the community to receive fair market value for the games they own.


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