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Switch expanding the console market, says Interpret

Consumer insights firm notes large uptick last year in Switch owners who don't have any other consoles

Nintendo is expanding the console market with the Switch much like it did with the Wii, according to a new report from consumer insights agency Interpret.

According to Interpret's quarterly New Media Measure survey of 9,000 US consumers, 2020 saw a significant jump in the number of Switch owners with no other game consoles in their homes.

Last year, 25% of Switch owners reported owning no other consoles, more than doubling the 12% of respondents in 2019 who owned a Switch but nothing else.

The Switch also gained traction as a second console choice, as the number of people reporting owning one other console in addition to the Switch rose from 25% in 2019 to 35% last year.

"We can infer from this that Nintendo has been expanding the overall console pie (much as it did with the original Wii) as new console gamers enter the marketplace," Interpret said.

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