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COVENTRY, 21 September 2004: How many of us have purchased a game only to complete it within a few weeks or just leave it sitting on the shelf gathering dust. Sound familiar? With the high cost of buying games these days and video stores only letting you rent a game for a few nights, its great news to hear that there is a better way to play. is launching a new website that is set to change our experience of playing games, by offering over ten times as many titles as the average video store, 24/7 online ordering, free delivery and returns, a monthly all you can play subscription, and no late fines - ever.

According to Managing Director Marc Day, "We are filling a much needed gap in the games market. Gamers no longer have to commit to spending £30 upwards to buy a game they may or may not play again, or pay extortionate late rental fees because they forgot to take the game back to the video store on time. Our unlimited rental subscription model allows gamers to keep the games for as long as they want and when they have finished, we even pay for the return postage."

Founded in 2002, is the UK's leading games rental service offering games for all major console formats. "We have grown the business steadily over the past two years building up a loyal customer base. With our new website launch we now aim to aggressively expand the SwapGame service throughout the UK" said Marc Day.

Another high value new addition is the company's 'Keep It' option. This offers gamers the chance to buy the game they are currently renting at a low discounted price. Gamers can now play a game as much as they like before committing to a purchase decision. If they really like the game, they can keep it for a low pre-played price. Once purchased, another game rental is sent out to replace the purchased item.

Marc Day commented "The result is an offer that allows gamers greater access to a wide variety of titles, enabling them to play the games at their own pace, safe in the knowledge that if they do want to buy a game, they know they'll get it for a great price and it's a game they truly want to own."

"personalising the games industry"

With so many games being released into the market at once, generally in the build up to Christmas, research has indicated that customer's will only play a small selection of titles, often those with the biggest marketing campaigns. With this in mind, SwapGame has designed its new website to offer a highly personalised service that recommends games titles to the customer based on a member's rental patterns, taste and ratings enabling the company to promote lesser known, high quality games to customers who otherwise may never have played them.

For a fixed monthly fee of £14.99, subscribers get to keep a revolving library of two games with no limit as to how long they can keep each one. Once they have played each game, they post it back in a pre paid envelope. As soon as it is received a new game from the subscriber's rental queue is despatched. There is no limit as to the amount of times games can be exchanged.

According to Marc Day, "renting two games a week from a video store will generally cost you at least £28 a month. As we have a flat fee, with, playing those same eight games will be £14-£15 cheaper. Plus with the biggest selection of games in the UK we are more likely to have what gamers want, and the process of returning each item simply involves popping it into the nearest post box."

To coincide with its new website launch, is currently offering anyone who signs up a 10 day free trial to the service.


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Marc Day, 01676 549010

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