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UK households spend 6 hours gaming per week - survey

Media survey reveals wider adoption of videogames in the UK, with users viewing console gaming as "family time"

A survey conducted by Deloitte has revealed that the average UK household plays over six hours of videogames each week.

The survey, conducted with 2,023 consumers ages 14-75, further revealed that 55 per cent chose console gaming, while 30 per cent chose PC or Mac gaming.

Deloitte added that it had found that one quarter of households currently own a Nintendo Wii, with a further 24 per cent planning to buy one in the coming year.

"Gaming has been traditionally frowned upon by parents. However it is now considered 'family time' for many people aged between 26 and 42," said Jolyon Barker, head of technology, media and telecoms at Deloitte.

"Although interest declines after the age of 40 this could change as a generation of gamers grows up."