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Superhot passes two million lifetime sales

VR accounts for around 40% of game's total sales

In just over three years, abstract indie shooter Superhot has sold more than two million units.

Superhot Team business developer Tomasz Kaczmarczyk revealed the figure while speaking with at Digital Dragons in Krakow this week.

Originally launched as an Xbox exclusive, Superhot reportedly sold between 1.2 million and 1.5 million units of the "regular" game.

"It depends on how you count because there's a blurred boundary between copies you give away almost for free in big bundles, sales and so on," said Kaczmarczyk.

However, the game has also sold over 800,000 VR units, accounting for around 40% of its lifetime sales.

Despite being the studio's only release, and coming out over three years ago, Kaczmarczyk reported that company revenue had grown year-on-year between 2017 and 2018.

"It's been going very well for us," Kaczmarczyk added. "Luckily, Superhot is somewhat timeless. The game mechanic or art style don't [sic] really get old. We don't see that much of a decline in sales as usually expect for a video game... That's a mix of our own efforts and making sure that we are running discounts and sales properly and making it more approachable for new people."

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