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SuperFun Town

Build a town on Facebook.

London, UK – New social games company, iwi today announced the launch of SuperFun Town, the most advanced city building social game available on Facebook at

SuperFun Town lets players create the town of their dreams. Starting from a sleepy farm, players grow their towns by attracting new residents. Players build homes ranging from Trailer Parks to Skyscrapers to house their new residents while also constructing shops and factories to generate income, for further expansion. Public works such as Fire Stations and Hospitals keep residents satisfied and players can splash out on attractions, like Fun Fairs or Casinos to attract even more new arrivals to their town.

Personalisation is an important part of SuperFun Town. As well as a huge range of decorations, players can repaint all of their residents’ homes for further customisation. With all items fully rotatable and easy to expand land tiles, SuperFun Town is one of the most sophisticated games available through Facebook.

Social features include the ability to house or hire Facebook friends in the town, gaining an increase on the income from the building. Tough decisions await the player: who gets to work in the Donut Hut and who will be working a double shift in the Seedy Bar? Visiting friends’ towns lets players gift donuts to the workers there, improving their morale - if not their waistlines, better build a Gym!

“SuperFun Town lets players get creative to build the town of their dreams” said Tom Newton, Head of iwi, “...and with over 400m users, Facebook is the perfect platform for friends to interact through SuperFun Town.”

SuperFun Town is the 3rd game launched by iwi this year, following - the best 75 ball bingo game on facebook, and the highly addictive and highly viral ‘World Keepie Uppie Cup’.


Notes to editors:

Founded in November 2009, iwi is a start-up social games company with a mission to create fun and entertaining games for everyone. iwi launched Deal or No Deal Live (powered by iwi games platform, in conjunction with Endemol PLC) in 2009. iwi HQ is in central London.

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