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SuperData predicts 5m digital sales for Destiny 2

Research firm also expects series' PC debut to reach 3m downloads within first three months

Activision's hotly anticipated online shooter Destiny 2 is expected to sell up to five million digital copies by December.

That's according to SuperData Research, which has released sales projections for Bungie's next release based on historical data and other analytics. Specifically, the market intelligence firm says it evaluated the performance of the original Destiny as compared to other AAA titles of the time, as well as trends in digital downloads.

According to the results, Destiny 2 will managed between four and five million downloads across both PC and console in its first three months. SuperData also believes three million of these sales will be for PC, with Destiny 2 being the first time the series has been released for that platform.

The research firm notes this would make it the best-selling premium PC game since Overwatch, published by Activision subsidiary Blizzard.

If Destiny 2 follows the same sales pattern as its predecessor, that means retail sales will still account for the majority of units shifted. The original Destiny managed 6.4m sales within a month of release, according to IGN, with Eurogamer reporting that 13m people had played the game online within the first three months (although it's worth noting that this figure does not correlate 1:1 with sales as there will inevitably multiple accounts on many copies).

Nevertheless, the downloads SuperData predicts could prove to be a significant portion of Destiny 2's overall sales. Back in April, the ESA reports that digital sales represent 74% of the US games market, and similar figures have been seen in other regions around the world.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6th for PS4, Xbox and (as mentioned) PC for the first time.