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Super Free Games receives lawsuit that alleges biases against women

Ex-employee accusations against the studio include pay, gender, and leadership inequities toward female staffers

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A new lawsuit against Super Free Games (SFG) alleges that the studio has been discriminatory towards women.

The suit was filed with the San Francisco Superior Court by a former employee that was laid off following years of inequality she experienced.

Despite working at the games firm since 2016, the ex-staffer says that she was passed over for promotions as they went "unqualified men."

The former SFG worker was eventually promoted to a managerial role in the marketing division. In 2021, a man with no career background in marketing was made her boss.

As concerns about women's discrimination were raised, a committee found that the employee "had poor communication issues and created a level of mistrust..."

She was asked to move to another department, accept a non-managerial role, and a 26% pay cut. After the employee refused, she was terminated while pregnant, as the company cited the cause as a reduction in its workforce.

Additionally, the lawsuit says that women comprise less than a third of SFG's staff.

"The company has an unmistakable bias against women. Every woman there has felt it. I've witnessed too many instances of exclusion and marginalization to ignore it. I can't in good conscience let it happen again without speaking up," said the former SFG staffer.

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