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Sunage soundtracks released

Haarlem, The Netherlands, March 13 2007. In full preparation of the June release, leading publisher Lighthouse and Austrian developer Vertex4 released two soundtracks of their upcoming RTS game SunAge. The music, written by Austrian DJ Angina P (who is also part of the SunAge development crew), gives a good impression of the atmosphere in this classic strategy game. The released tracks go by the name of "Raak-Zun Story" and "SunAge Theme".

Angina P: "Designing the soundscape for the Raak-Zun-Universe was a special treat for me. This particular piece was written for the cut scenes of the brute Raak-Zun race. I decided to compose a tribal, uplifting and adventurous sound; you will hear the mystic chanting of the fanatic Raak-Zun followers, combined with a staccato cello to create a dramatic mood".

"In SunAge I combined the classical orchestra-style movie soundtrack with modern electronic-themed elements. For the main SunAge theme I therefore created a majestic piece with a slow driving atmosphere building into a "calm before the storm" crescendo".

Angina P is known for her rare mixes with different styles like break beat, new age and ambience. Her unique styles merge opposing moods into a single track, making her music thoughtful but furious: moody yet danceable.

Her work has earned her great recognition on websites like, where almost all of her songs reach Number 1 in their respective genre and over 370.000 downloads to her credit. To download both tracks, check the file attached to this document or browse to this link.

Note: since SunAge handles .Ogg files. You will need a plug-in for Windows Media player. Please visit this website and be sure to install the latest stable codec.

More information about SunAge or other Lighthouse titles can be found at the Lighthouse interactive website:

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