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SuDoKu Addicts and Novices are targeted by Two New Products from Walkthrough Productions

In 2005, the SuDoKu phenomenon has become unavoidable. And now, a new publisher has emerged to launch products aimed at the Sudoku novice and expert alike - with every intention of converting more of the former into the latter. Walkthough Publications (http://, based in Kent, has created a powerful Sudoku tutor - "SuDoKu Professional" for the PC - which goes beyond the normal, simple game creation programs already on the market.

SuDoKu Professional allows the player to see a colour coded, step by step answer to each puzzle. This allows the bewildered Sudoku novice to learn the subtle strategies needed to solve these ingenious puzzles.

Combined with all the features the user would expect from such a powerful tool, SuDoKu Professional retails for just £9.99. As well as providing tuition, it is able to generate unlimited puzzles which totally feed the player's addiction. These puzzles can be symmetrical or not and - depending on variations in creation - can have as few as 21 exposed cells. Such low exposed cell count puzzles are considered the pinnacle of SuDoKu achievement in Japan.

SuDoKu Professional is accompanied by a new book of fiendishly complex puzzles, "SuDoKu 20's". With difficulty levels including "moderate", "difficult", "very difficult", "extremely difficult" and "super difficult", the puzzles - all of which have single answers - took more than 1,000 hours of computer processing time to generate and are guaranteed to keep even the most skilled of Sudoku solvers occupied for hours, if not days. With a recommended retail price of £7.99, this book will buy complete silence for partners of afflicted SuDoKu players!

Notes for Editors

Walkthrough's SuDoKu companion products are distributed by Pinnacle Software, the UK's largest games distributor.

For further information, please contact:

John Gladman, director, Endforce Ltd t/a Walkthrough Publications

Tel: 01474 706014


P Sleeman, MD, Pinnacle Software

Tel: 0208 309 3708


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