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Strong markets push up US publisher stocks

Activision Blizzard, Take-Two and THQ among the biggest business to gain

A good day for the US markets yesterday prompted some healthy gains in the value of listed publishers and retailers, as both the NASDAQ and Dow Jones made reasonable advances - of 3.8 per cent and 2.25 per cent respectively.

That led to a strong performance from Take-Two in particular, which saw its stock value jump 8 per cent to USD 8.91, while THQ was up 6.85 per cent to USD 3.12 and Activision Blizzard jumped 6.43 per cent to USD 10.92.

Probably the best videogame-related stock of the day, however, was retailer Best Buy. It saw a 12.6 per cent jump to USD 37.67 - a strange contrast to the stellar-performing GameStop, which saw its share price drop by over 2 per cent to USD 26.21.

Meanwhile the key players in Japan both had a nondescript day on the Nikkei today, with Sony up 0.45 per cent to JPY 2225 (USD 22.68) and Nintendo dropping by 1.45 per cent to JPY 29,810 (USD 303.82).

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