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Online meeting place and tournament site for gamers in the US military.


WASHINGTON, DC (MMD Newswire) March 24, 2009 -- Stars and Stripes, independent daily newspaper of the U.S. military community, and Consumer Solutions Gaming, LLC, of Houston, TX, have joined forces to provide gamers in the military with a free online space where they can form teams, schedule matches, issue challenges and compete continually in leagues and tournaments. Since unveiling the beta version of the site ( www.StripesGAMER.com) last September at the New York Games Conference, several features have been enhanced and new games added. The official launch on March 24, 2009, will formally retire the initial beta version.

"Today's military is dominated by Millennial males, many of them serving in war zones. We're responding to a demand for gaming news and information that cannot be served through print products alone," said Tony Haugan, managing editor of Stripes GAMER, a bimonthly print publication launched by Stars and Stripes in 2005 for gamers in the military.

"We see StripesGAMER.com as a rare opportunity to provide a full-featured site that caters specifically to a unique and deserving audience-one that includes not only active-duty military but also veterans and family members," said Terry Tognietti, StripesGAMER.com's Executive Director of Operations and Strategy. "It also provides a social space for connecting with fellow gamers among family and friends-and between military branches."

"Stars and Stripes has a mission of service to our military and their families," said Daniel Krause, international director of advertising for Stars and Stripes. "Providing news and information is an important part of that mission-but so is helping them connect. Many of our military men and women are serving where videogame news and information is not readily available. Our goal is to fill that need in a creative and useful way."

Founded in 1861, Stars and Stripes has long provided the U.S. military community with independent news and information, first as a printed newspaper and today also as an online source. Stars and Stripes publishes five daily editions, available in print and electronic format, and daily accomplishes the daunting task of delivering 70,000 copies to the war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stars and Stripes' average daily audience totals about 390,000.

www.StripesGAMER.com is available at no charge and offers a host of unique features, such as the Insignia Creator widget for customizing team and player graphics, and excellent functionality in terms of the ability to set up a match, create a team, issue challenges and post scores. Unlike other sites, score history is preserved for as long as the player or team exists. Several seasons are presently underway with prizes planned for the winners.


Stars and Stripes delivers independent news and information daily to the U.S. military community worldwide. Editorially independent of interference from outside its editorial chain of command, it provides commercially available U.S. and world news and objective, staff-produced stories relevant to the military community in a balanced, fair and accurate manner.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Margaret Irish

Director of Marketing

Stars and Stripes

Email: irishm@stripes.osd.mil

Phone: 202.761.0902


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