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Street Gears

Official website gears up for business.

For immediate release

Street Gears is the new rollerblading MMORPG developed by Nflavor Corp and playable for free on the portal A few days before the launch of the open beta version, the new official website has just opened at the following address: Players can find there a lot of information about the game as well as news regarding its imminent release.

Introducing a new concept of sport MMORPG by mixing RPG elements with fast and exciting races and tricks contests, Street Gears has been very positively by the European gaming community. After two phases of closed beta test designed to test the stability of the servers as well as taking the global feedback from the European community, the game will be launched soon in its French and German versions.

To communicate effectively with the community, the official game website is now open. All visitors can now find there new informations about the game, access the latest news, tutorials, screenshots and videos. A fansite pack dedicated to the community websites will be distributed soon via the official website, while the forums will open only at the launch of the open beta.

Please find enclosed new screenshots of the game. The official Street Gears website is now available at the following address:!

-About gPotato-

Street Gears, the rollerblading MMORPG, is published in its French and German versions by Gala Networks Europe, leading free-to-play online games publisher in Europe. Gala Networks Europe uses the gPotato trademark as a publisher of free-to-play online games. Gala Networks Europe distributes the gPotato trademark with the games Flyff, Rappelz, Street Gears and Dragonica via the portal

For more information, please visit the official Street Gears website: or contact us at

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